Our engineers have been involved in the design of Water Parks from their very beginning back in the mid 1970’s right up to and including the latest state of the art interactive parks currently being conceived. Originally an open air phenomena Water Parks are now incorporated into destination resorts, shopping malls and themed hotels. Their appeal continues to attract millions around the globe by offering the best in true recreational swimming while still providing true thrills and excitement within a safe and controlled environment.

As Waterprojx we pride ourselves on being able to take a Clients vision and create a park that not only fulfills their expectations but provides them with a facility for sustained revenue and future expansion. The scope of our activities can range from that of a retained consultant up to the services of a specialist contractor responsible for entire areas of the parks development.

If you have any projects you wish to discuss in detail or require impartial advise on any aspect relating to water parks please do not hesitate to contact us via email or through any of our contact numbers.