Swimming Pools

Our design team have worked on numerous swimming and leisure pool projects throughought the world. These projects have varied in complexity, shape and size, but the principles of their filtration and chemical pool balance have fundamentally remained the same. Working to the latest international design codes we ensure every project is undertaken providing our Clients with a safe swimming environment while maintaining innovation and value engineering.

As part of our internal procedures each project must comply with a complete technical assessment. This ensures every aspect of the pool is checked against stringent control of water velocities, pipe diameters and the open area of all pool inlets and outlet grilles.

To help reduce electrical loads, energy efficient pumps and variable frequency drives are now standard supply. High grade, thermally efficient plate heat exchangers are adopted to both heat the pool and where necessary provide additional cooling when local conditions dictate. Installation and commissioning is undertaken with staff that not only have a thorough working knowledge of the product but also have years of experience within the swimming pool industry.